The Iowa Brace

Iowa Brace for clubfootThe Iowa Brace’s unique design includes comfortable shoes attached to plastic platforms which are attached to the ends of a removable, durable plastic positioning bar. The identical foot shaped platforms enables the user to:

  • Use with either the right or left foot
  • Hold at an adjustable angel of either 60 degrees (clubfoot) or 30 degrees (normal)
  • Accommodate different shoes sizes as the child grows
  • Easily detached from the plastic positioning bar with a release button located on the bottom

Both the shoe platforms and positioning bar are injected molded from fiber reinforced nylon. As a result the Iowa Brace is lightweight, safe, virtually indestructible, reusable and low-cost.

The Iowa Brace shoe incorporates a soft molded insert that holds the foot, padded tongue and fabric straps which eliminates foot irritations and ensures maximum comfort. The open-toe shoe design accommodates growth between changes in shoes. Other design features include:

  • State of the art breathable materials that prevent heat buildup, discomfort and skin irritations
  • Easy brace removal by parents
  • Enhanced buckle to help prevent the child from taking the brace off during the night
  • Placement and operation of shoe release button not easily activated by child
  • Soil resistant and easy cleaning

The Iowa Brace is innovative, comfortable and affordable!

Iowa Ponseti Brace for clubfoot Iowa Ponseti Brace for clubfoot Iowa Ponseti Brace for clubfoot

Krgystan girl with Iowa Brace
Girl from Krgystan with Iowa Brace
Boy from Nigeria in Iowa Brace
Boy from Nigeria in Iowa Brace