The bombs may be dropping around them, but the hundreds of children in Ukraine who were born with clubfoot, the world’s most common skeletal birth defect, still need to sleep in a high- quality brace to prevent the return of the deformity and have the chance for a productive life when the conflict is over.

I have good news,” reported Alexandr, a distributor of clubfoot braces in Ukraine. He recently wrote, “Today, we’ve got the parcel from you! It comes so quickly! We are so thankful to you for them and our Ukrainian children also! In a few days, we are going to create a special Viber community for clubfoot children who need the braces for free.” He was sending this message to us because we have been supplying clubfoot braces to children in Ukraine since 2016 and continue to do so despite the current dire circumstances. Alexandr went on to say, “We’ll give priority to the citizens of very damaged cities: Kharkiv, Mariupol, Chernihiv, and others.

The non-surgical Ponseti method for correcting clubfoot was developed at the University of Iowa and can be applied everywhere, even in war-torn countries. Devices like the Iowa Brace are used while the child sleeps until age four in order to retain the correction of the deformity. Alexandr sent these stories:

The Ukrainian brace distributor concluded his message by saying, “Unfortunately, I receive numerous requests because too many people need the braces for free. So, I want to ask you – can you send more braces for free, or with discount? Thank you, Alexandr.

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