Clubfoot Solutions is excited to launch our Braces for Hope Campaign 2020

Our mission’s campaign will run until the end of 2020. Our goal is to raise enough funds to enable us to send 400 Iowa Braces to children in Zimbabwe. We are working with our non-profit partner Feet of Hope Foundation in Zimbabwe.

Every three minutes a child is born with Clubfoot Deformity. That is close to 200,000 babies every year. Nearly 80% of these children are born in low resource countries without proper care. Lack of treatment has resulted in over two million children and adults living with clubfoot deformity worldwide.

Join our mission of helping to eradicate clubfoot deformity. You can make a difference in a clubfoot child’s life.

“Zimbabwean children born with clubfoot deformity are suffering from discomfort due to the ineffective locally made clubfoot braces found in the country. This leads to parents not being consistent with the brace wearing protocol resulting to relapses in the clubfoot deformity. A big thank you to Clubfoot Solutions, Iowa Brace, that will bring comfort and eliminate pain and suffering from clubfoot patients. Iowa Braces will significantly increase the percentage of fully corrected clubfoot cases in Zimbabwe and bring happiness to both parents and children with clubfoot deformity. Feet of Hope Foundation is extremely grateful to Clubfoot Solutions for the donation of Iowa Braces to the clubfoot children of Zimbabwe.”
Sandra Matumbu
Managing Director
Feet of Hope Foundation

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