Kids biking at Kids for a Cause Triathlon

In 2003 a sweet boy from St. Paul, Minnesota was born with bilateral clubfoot. His parents made the decision to travel to Iowa to receive treatment from renowned clubfoot specialist, the late Dr. Ignacio Ponseti. Dr. Ponseti developed the Ponseti non-surgical method of clubfoot correction that is the “gold standard” of clubfoot care around the world. The boy’s story is not unique; many have followed this path to Iowa City and the University of Iowa’s Ponseti Clubfoot Program now run by world clubfoot expert Dr. Jose Morcuende.

In 2011, through the inspiration of this active little boy, the Thukral family founded Kids for a Cause Triathlon with one goal in mind: helping kids realize they have the strength to make a difference—locally, nationally, and globally. Children and families in the St. Paul area raised money to help children in need by participating in a kids triathlon. This was the final year of the Kids for a Cause Triathlon and $6,000 was raised and donated to Clubfoot Solutions’ Braces for Hope campaign. The young boy who served as inspiration for this triathlon is now finishing up his senior year and moving on to the next chapter of his life in college.

Over the years Kids for a Cause Triathlon has raised over $32,000 for clubfoot children in need. We want to thank the Thukral family for their support and hard work they dedicated to the Kids for a Cause Triathlon. Their support has changed the lives of thousands of clubfoot children who have been given an Iowa Clubfoot Brace.

Want to show your thanks to the Thukral family? Donate to our 2020 Braces for a Cause campaign today in their honor!