Frequently asked questions regarding the Iowa Brace

Iowa Brace FAQs (PDF)  

These are questions that are frequently asked about the design of the Iowa Brace. Dr. Jose Morcuende is the co-founder of Clubfoot Solutions and Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Rehabilitation and Pediatrics at the University of Iowa. Dr. Morcuende is the lead designer of the Iowa Brace. He is a worldwide expert in clubfoot deformity correction. These are his clinical answers to the design features of the Iowa Brace.

The Iowa Brace comes in three length bars. 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch. The length of the bar was calculated based on normalized data of children shoulder width, see attached shoulder width file on the CFS website. Your provider can choose any of the three lengths available for each patient. In addition, biomechanical data shows that more than 10 inches of width affects leg alignment and decreases stretching of the muscles. The CFS 12-inch bar measures 10 inches after connected.
There are no clinical data on rotational angle differences with the recommendation of 60 to 70 degrees of abduction. Biomechanical data and comfort suggest 60 degrees is a good angle to stretch the muscles. In some children, 70 degrees’ abduction can be too much rotation leading to external tibia torsion. 70 degrees can also affect the child’s heel and result in additional valgus alignment leading to flatfoot in some children.
Some degree of flexibility is desired especially for older children to improve adherence to the brace and have the ability to stretch tendons and muscles.

The Adventures of Leo and Bracie

Enjoy Leo and Bracie who show you why bracing is important to the success of the Ponseti Method for clubfoot correction.  We are very thankful for the support of former Major League All- Star Freddy Sanchez whose time and involvement helping children born with clubfoot has been invaluable.  Also a special thanks to Assata Caldwell (Illustrations by Assata) for creating the animation for Leo and Bracie.

Best Feet Forward

Iowa’s Ignacio Ponseti revolutionized clubfoot treatment with his gentle, nonsurgical approach. Now his successor, UI doctor Jose Morcuende, is on a lifelong mission to bring the Ponseti Method to the rest of the world.

This video (2:07 minutes) is an excellent overview of clubfoot and the low-cost, highly effective Ponseti Method of treatment.

Educational Videos

The Iowa Brace Unboxing and Parts breakdown

The Iowa Brace, fit the brace, put the brace on, take the brace off

Brace fitting for Caregivers

Learn more about how to ensure the proper fit of the Iowa Clubfoot Brace for your child during the bracing phase of the Ponseti Method of clubfoot correction. This educational piece was produced by our wonderful partner STEPS in South Africa.

The Iowa Brace Assembly Instructions

The Iowa Brace Assembly Instructions for Health Care Professionals

Clubfoot Solutions partner STEPS in South Africa has produced a wonderful educational piece on the assembly of the Iowa Clubfoot Brace for Health Care Professionals.

The Footnote Film Project: Official Trailer

The Footnote Film Project

The Footnote Film Project from Hannah & Zach on Vimeo.

Clubfoot and the Ponseti Method of Treatment: an animated guide for caregivers