Guatamalan child in the Iowa BraceClubfoot Solutions is excited to launch our Braces for Hope Campaign 2021. Our mission’s campaign will run until the end of 2021. Our goal is to raise enough funds to enable us to send 400 Iowa Braces to children in Guatemala. We are working with our partner in Guatemala, Orthopedic Solutions to Surgical Access, Inc (OSSA). You can read more about them here.

It is very difficult for families to make a six-hour roundtrip to the San Marcos/OSSA Clubfoot clinic. Half of the people in Guatemala live in poverty, 23% live in extreme poverty. San Marcos public hospital serves a large indigenous population of agricultural workers struggling to feed their families, let alone make the journey to the clinic. During COVID this has become even more difficult because access to the vaccine is moving slowly.

With your donation, we can help alleviate the expense of the brace treatment. Every $25 donation sends a child in Guatemala an Iowa Brace.

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