On Giving Tuesday you can change a clubfoot child’s life by giving them the opportunity to walk, run and play – unencumbered from clubfoot birth defect. Every day a clubfoot child is born. Clubfoot occurs in 1 of 1000 births and impacts more than 200,000 children worldwide each year. A child left untreated will live a life of disability, ostracism and in some cases – death.

We have the tools to correct clubfoot; all born at the University of Iowa Health Care: The Ponseti Method and the Iowa Brace from Clubfoot Solutions; a nonprofit that provides the Iowa Brace to clubfoot children around the world – regardless of their ability to pay. Bracing is the final and most critical step in the Ponseti Method and ensure clubfoot correction is maintained for life. For $25 we can ship the Iowa Brace anywhere in the world. And, with your donation, we can donate the Iowa Brace giving all children the opportunity to be free of clubfoot.

Clubfoot Solutions donated 10,000 Iowa Braces last year to clubfoot children in Africa, South America, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines and America.

“Your $25 donation can change a clubfoot child’s life. Help us help them. Having money to pay for the state of the art, comfortable, durable, and effective Iowa Brace should not stand in the way of a child having the resource to correct its clubfoot. Clubfoot bracing is a four-year treatment program to ensure the clubfoot child’s foot correction doesn’t relapse. Multiple braces are needed during treatment (up to 10) and the cost can be out of reach for many families in developing countries. We are changing lives through break through bracing that is available to all children- regardless of their ability to pay. The only thing stopping us from helping hundreds of thousands clubfoot children is charitable funding to accomplish our important mission.”
Todd Becker, Managing Director of Clubfoot Solutions

Success Story 2017 – Ainata – Bokina Fossa, Africa

Ainata is a seven-year-old bundle of joy from Bokina Fossa, Africa. She was found in her village by a medical mission in late 2016. Ainata was the only handicapped child living in her village. She could not attend school or help with the daily chores in the village. Over the last eight months Ainata has had a team of Angles helping her in the United States. From her host family in Ohio to her medical team at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital and dozens of volunteers along the way, little Ainata is now blessed to have two new feet! She is free of clubfoot and was a beneficiary of the Iowa Brace. She will return to her family early next year and be able to live a productive life without shame and rejection.

Please Help Us Help Them on #Giving Tuesday. You are giving a child the gift of walking!