Hayden was born with bilateral clubfeet in 2014. He started his casting and treatment at two weeks old at the University of Iowa, and at 8 weeks old we went into bracing. That is where the journey really began in my opinion. Trying to get comfort with the bracing protocol at any stage has been tricky from newborn until now (4). We have struggled through the pressure sores from him moving his feet from discomfort and have faced relapse twice already. This last year has been the most difficult with trying to get Hayden comfortable to wear his boots at night. It didn’t matter if we put them on before or after going to bed, he would always wake up uncomfortable pulling at the location of the straps. In August 2018 we knew things were not going well and we were beside ourselves not knowing what the next step would be. Surgery? Casting? Dr. Morcuende listened to us at Hayden’s appointment and informed us of the Iowa Brace that was designed to enhance comfort and suggested it as an option. Of course, we were still concerned. Is this really going to be more comfortable? He is an active 4-year-old who just wants to move and be “normal.” It was worth a shot at this point. We were able to leave the clinic that day with the Iowa Brace. It has been a wonderful option and we would NEVER turn back.

Hayden is able to comfortably wear his shoes all night now. There is no more waking up in the middle of the night with the discomfort and the best part, we have not had to battle ANY pressure sore areas. As a mom and having to treat those pressure areas and work through getting your child to wear his boots when there is so much discomfort is heartbreaking. The Iowa Brace has made such a huge difference with our path to hopefully avoiding surgery!. Hayden’s case has not been easy. He is a strong “stocky” kid who’s muscles just don’t want to cooperate. We are thankful to be looking at a future with a plan and people who care! If there are any moms/dads/caregivers out there that are going through some of the same frustrations with your current bracing system, I would highly recommend the Iowa Brace for all these reasons.

#Clubfootstong #BraceOn

Megan Poock
Sumner, Iowa