We are very excited to announce our partnership with C-Pro Direct in the United Kingdom and Europe. C-Pro Direct is more than just a distribution company of clubfoot bracing product. They are a company with the vision and values of helping clubfoot children around the world. Our partnership with C-Pro Direct will enable us to grow our mission of ensuring every child born with clubfoot deformity has a comfortable and quality clubfoot brace during their treatment.

Thank you, Stella and Philip, for all you are doing to help clubfoot children around the world.

A message from the Directors of C-Pro Direct:

When we first set up C-Pro Direct in 2005, we were very aware that we were also being given an opportunity to help children with clubfoot in underdeveloped countries. We have a son who was born with clubfoot in 2004 and we are very conscious that he was ‘lucky’ to be born in a time when the Ponseti method was available in the UK and could have the best of treatment. However, many thousands of children around the world are not in this fortunate position. We have been determined, ever since we set up C-Pro Direct, to ensure that wherever possible, we would do what we could to help these children.

We hope that by reading the following examples of work we are doing with various charities; you will get a sense of the commitment we have to helping children with clubfoot around the world. We totally support the Ponseti method of treatment which has transformed so many lives. Our charity work aims to support this treatment – whether by donating sandals and bars or ADMs, or by sponsoring clinicians to attend training courses and other events.

Stella and Philip Morris