ClubfootstrongOur newest partners are Dallas locals, Emma English and Joel Cantu who co-own, love and operate the online fitness and athleisure brand, Man Made Athlete. Emma and Joel partner with local businesses, non-profits and other charitable organizations, designing custom apparel and donating a portion of the proceeds to assist with fundraising goals and awareness.

Part of the inspiration behind the concept of Man Made Athlete was Emma’s battle with bilateral clubfoot. In 1991, Emma was born with a case so severe, she wasn’t a candidate for the Ponseti Method. After several, painful reconstructive surgeries, her parents made the official mantra in her house, “never say ‘I can’t’”, which is how she went on to become an All-American cheerleader, competitive gymnast, volleyball, soccer, softball and basketball player. While Emma says she was never the best player on the team, she’s grateful for the chance to be a kid—the chance she’s passionate about helping give to others. When asked about their decision to partner with CFS, she said, “Clubfoot Solutions is an organization that’s very special to us because it provides aid, education and rehabilitation for the lower leg deformity that I was born with—a condition that literally helped fuel the creation of Man Made Athlete.”

The first series of items on behalf of Clubfoot Solutions has been launched! View and purchase by clicking here.

Man Made Athlete’s brand and apparel is designed to illustrate their core objectives: embrace what makes you different and find strength in your struggle. For more information about Man Made Athlete you can follow them on social media or visit their website at: