Jon Geertsen was born with bilateral clubfoot. In 1978, doctors relied on surgery to correct this condition. As an adult he deals with arthritis, inflammation, achilles tightness and nerve pain that can sometimes be debilitating, but doesn’t stop him from his love of golfing!

Thankfully today we have the Ponseti Method of clubfoot treatment, which rarely requires surgery.

However, over one million people are living worldwide with untreated clubfoot and some doctors are still quick to turn to surgery. Using golf as a platform Jon has launched a fundraising campaign to raise money for Clubfoot Solutions!


Jon is joining the adaptive golf community and will be playing his first tournament, The Conquistador Paragolf Championship in Tuscon, AZ April 12-14. To raise money for Clubfoot Solutions Jon is asking supporters to Pledge for Pars and birdies during this tournament. As a 10 handicap he’s hoping for at least 20 pars over the 54 holes. Read more and find out how to pledge at Or make a general donation here.

Go Jon!