Gracefully, The Book

Gracefully, The Book


From the author, Angela Williams:

‘What do you know about Club Feet?’

The echo of those words will never leave me. This is how we found out our daughter would be born with a birth defect.


All I heard was our baby girl wasn’t perfect. I imagined a wheelchair. Long metal braces. Would she even walk?

The casts [our daughter had to wear] were harsh looking. Rough. Baths were tricky and I knew when she cried it could be that her skin was itching… and that I couldn’t help her. Five weeks crawled by and the final set of casts were removed. Her feet… were beautiful. [But] the hardest part was next: successful permanent correction would require diligent, long-term wearing of a Ponseti brace. All day. Every day. For years. But what else could I do? How could I help her beyond that time? What if she were to have a child someday with…gulp…an issue? How could I monumentally make a difference for her as a mother?

I had an idea. A story.

It would be our mark: A book.

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