Freddy Sanchez Is Proof Anything Is Possible



Over 10 storybook seasons in the major leagues, Freddy made 3 All-Star teams, claimed the 2006 battling title with a .344 average and won two World Series as the second baseman for the San Francisco Giants. And he did it all while suffering ongoing complications from the surgical clubfoot treatment he received as an infant.

Freddy was born in 1977, before the Ponseti Method had been internationally accepted as the gold standard for clubfoot treatment. The painful surgery he endured as a child resulted in arthritis, continued medical intervention and an additional foot surgery that ended his 2004 season. Today, Freddy is an advocate for the Ponseti Method and Clubfoot Solutions because he wants the world to know that clubfoot can be corrected without pain or surgery.

"I am very impressed with the results created by the Ponseti Method and Clubfoot Solution's Iowa Brace. Not only are children in developed countries able to avoid surgery, children in developing countries without access to sophisticated medical operations can successfully be treated for congenital clubfoot. Clubfoot is not hopeless. Clubfoot correction does not have to be painful."
Freddy Sanchez
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My Child Loves The Iowa Brace


My son has been in the Iowa brace since January 24, 2017 as part of the test market program and loves them. He is very active and has always been a poor sleeper. With the lightness of the shoes and the little bit of give on the bar my husband and I think he is able to sleep better at night. The bottom of the braces is flat so if we need to we are able to put the shoes on early and he can play in them. Most mornings he will not let me take the Iowa Brace off until after breakfast. This photo is of him in the morning. He throws a fit if I try and take them off while he is eating. I have recently been in contact with his doctor and he is also happy with how his feet are looking and that Jeffrey will leave the Iowa brace on during his brace wearing schedule.
Katie, Magnolia, OH
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"My son is 3 1/2 and his feet were getting red and irritated from the nightly use of another brace-and-bar system. For 6 months, we tried many different modifications to that brace, and also a custom AFO. Nothing relieved the red marks. After multiple modifications to many different systems without success, we were out of options. I was desperate to find another solution, and once I learned about the Iowa Brace, we tried it and finally had a solution. The Iowa Brace allowed us to tighten the shoes without redness and irritation, and we can use the brace with confidence that his foot is staying corrected. I'm very grateful that my son wears the Iowa Brace!"
Rebecca, Naperville, Ill.
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