World Clubfoot Day

Ponseti International Association (PIA) and Clubfoot Solutions celebrate World Clubfoot Day, June 3rd, which commemorates Dr. Ignacio Ponseti’s birthday (1914-2009), the developer of the Ponseti Method, the gold standard of clubfoot treatment.


"By designating June 3 as World Clubfoot Day, we celebrate the life and contributions of Dr. Ponseti and his belief that every child born with clubfoot is entitled to treatment using his low-cost, noninvasive approach. The Ponseti Method eliminates the need for costly and painful surgeries that were the norm before he developed the Ponseti Method."
Dr. Jose Morcuende
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Ponseti International Association (PIA) is responsible for training physicians and health providers worldwide on how to correctly implement the Ponseti Method. Through instruction by Dr. Jose Morcuende at the University of Iowa as well as training programs around the world, Ponseti International Association has trained hundreds of providers around the world. Clubfoot Solutions works hand in hand with Ponseti International Association to help treat children born with congenital clubfoot birth defect worldwide.

World Clubfoot Day increases awareness of congenital clubfoot birth defect and the Ponseti Method, the noninvasive manipulation, casting and bracing which delivers a 97% correction rate.


"On World Clubfoot Day, June 3rd, Clubfoot Solutions will raise awareness of the very affordable, durable and innovative Iowa Brace and its ability to change lives of the hundreds of thousands of children born with congenital clubfoot. Please support our ‘Laces for Braces’ campaign for clubfoot awareness."
Todd Becker
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