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Iowa continues to revolutionize clubfoot treatment.

Dr. Ignacio Ponseti revolutionized the treatment of clubfoot while at the University of Iowa in the 1940s. He developed a non-invasive technique that utilized gentle manipulation and serial casting of the feet to successfully correct clubfoot without major reconstructive surgery. Today, the Ponseti Method is the international standard for clubfoot treatment with a 97% correction rate.

For children, comfort and ease of use are major issues with clubfoot braces that complicate adherence to the accepted bracing protocol and, ultimately, prevention of relapse.
Jose A. Morcuende, 2017
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The Iowa Brace was developed at the University of Iowa as an extension of Dr. Ponseti’s egalitarian efforts to ensure that children across the world would have access to the best clubfoot brace, regardless of their economic or social circumstances. The combination of innovation and humanitarian considerations allow the Iowa Brace to be affordable for all families, everywhere.

Dr. Ponseti’s legacy lives on through Ponseti International Association and Clubfoot Solutions. The two organizations are working together to deliver the Ponseti Method to children everywhere, and hope that the Iowa Brace will finally realize Dr. Ponseti’s dream of a high quality clubfoot brace for every child born with this deformity.

Clubfoot Solutions, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Iowa-based organization.

Following correction of the clubfoot deformity, bracing for four years is indispensable to help prevent relapses.
Ignacio V. Ponseti, 1996
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