Iowa Brace

The Iowa Brace maintains the correction that has been achieved via the Ponseti Method and prevents relapse of clubfoot. It was designed by a team of renowned specialists at the University of Iowa, including Dr. Nicole Grosland, professor of biomedical engineering; Dr. Thomas Cook, professor emeritus of public health and physical therapy; and Dr. Jose Morcuende, pediatric orthopedic surgeon and President of Ponseti International Association.  The Iowa Brace has the advantage of having been designed by experts who used their insights from decades of clinical experience treating children born with clubfoot.

Iowa Brace shoe tongue position | Clubfoot Solutions

Iowa Brace shoe in use | Clubfoot Solutions

Iowa Brace shoe and bar | Clubfoot Solutions

Innovative, Comfortable and Affordable

The team at the University of Iowa developed the Iowa Brace with an emphasis on lifestyle and comfort as well. It was especially important to set a new wearability standard because discomfort and skin irritations are two of the most common reasons for discontinued use among patients.

The Iowa Brace is constructed of a breathable mesh that maximizes ventilation and provides lightweight durability. Its cushioned tongue helps prevent skin irritation on the top of the patient’s feet, and eliminates the need for third-party add-ons. The one-of-a-kind contoured AFO insert features a cupped heel counter that stabilizes the foot to both reduce friction and promote proper usage.

The Iowa Flexbar and platforms are injection molded from fiber-reinforced nylon that is lightweight and safe for children.  The Iowa Flexbar gives the child freedom to move each foot independently enabling them to stretch the muscles and tendons.

Iowa Brace side view | Clubfoot Solutions

Iowa Brace bottom view | Clubfoot Solutions

Iowa Brace cup top view | Clubfoot Solutions

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